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"El Perro" 🐶

My name is David Ojeda López, but people call me El Perro (don't be shy). I currently live in Zapopan, Jalisco, México and work at Handy.

I'm a web developer, mainly on the back-end side of things. I also specialize myself on DevOps based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). I'm always learning new stuff, specially related to new AWS services and features.

On the back-end side I work with Grails and micro-services on Node. On the front-side I've used the usual HTML, CSS, SASS and JS, but combined with Webpack, AWS S3 and AWS CloudFront.

Outside the developer's world, I'm an Overwatch amateur player (mid/high diamond). My BattleTag is #MEXshredder:2830, in case you want to have some fun.

On december 2017 I ran my first and only half-marathon, but now I only run 5km races and lift weights at the gym.

I'm available for any programming or professional guidance inquiries. I may not have the largest nor greatest experience on the field, but I'll do my best to help.